About us

The boutique at your home

Here we are !!!!

We bring you where you want to be

We make you interact with the best style consultants

We make you a rewarding experience like real shopping

And this is only the first step…. we will improve continuously.

ELIO is not an e-commerce platform, in fact it does not contain a list of images of products to buy. ELIO is a technological ecosystem that allows the buyer to enjoy all the gratifications and emotional experiences that only the visit to the real store allows to obtain. The core of ELIO is a streaming video conference system that puts the store in communication with the customer in real time, thus allowing them to offer the gratifications and emotions they expect by projecting it directly into the store environment, where, assisted by style expert, you can enjoy a personalized shopping experience based on your needs.

ELIO puts the real point of sale back in the core of shopping and allows the seller to express all his professionalism and give the customer those gratifications and emotions he expects.